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Buffers Alley Race Week   15/01/2021

Race Week

We’re going Racing, but on this occasion, it has to be a virtual event. You may buy a horse for €10 through Revolut (087 2161995). Text your name and the name of your horse to Colm Hearne (087 8384194). Join the races WhatsApp group where horse owners will be informed of the day of their race. Races will be live streamed daily on this App.  WhatsApp group beginning Monday 25th January. Winning horses from the week will qualify for the big Cheltenham Race Night on Saturday 30th January, where 5 races will be live streamed on YouTube. If your horse doesn’t get over the finishing line in first place during the week, fear not - all losing horses will be entered into a draw to qualify for the remaining 3 big races.

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