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Bingo Going Forward   08/04/2021

Bingo Going Forward 

Thanks to all who have joined us on the Buffers Alley Bingo journey which has allowed us to continue with developing our club facilities. With no training or activities until 26th April (underage pod training only), it has been decided to run with the Bingo for 4 more weeks with a big Finale (joined with Blackwater and Kilcotty Bingo groups) on May Bank Holiday weekend (massive prizes on offer). For that Finale you can purchase books from all or any of the 3 Bingos.  Bingo will then close for the summer with Buffers Alley returning to their regular Fri. slot in the Autumn when we hope to merge clubhouse and online Bingo. Updated details on BiP in the Autumn. Thank you again for all your support. 

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